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More Than Just Numbers
Our Accounting Firm Is More Than Just Numbers
  • Service and Independence
  • Communication and Confidentiality
  • Integrity and Technical Competence

An open line of communication is one of the most crucial elements to a successful relationship. Our method is to educate and make you comfortable. Always ask us questions. Our fees are based on the time and expertise required. The fees are usually fixed fees rather than an hourly fee. We encourage you to discuss fees with us at any time.

Quality Review
We are pleased to announce that the accounting firm of Arthur S. Rosen, C.P.A. has for the second time, completed and passed the accounting quality review program. Member firms of the AICPA active in public practice are required to participate in a practice monitoring program. This program helps to ensure the quality of the accounting profession.

A Web Site can only briefly explain the extent of the professional services we can provide. We'd like the opportunity to further discuss your accounting needs. Feel free to call or Email.

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